About GUPA Software

We are a small company located in Denmark. We make games, 3D models and software. Our goal is to make the best gaming experience for all ages.


GUPA stands for Gaming, Unity3d, Programming and Arduino. Why? Originally it was called GUPA Media and should have been a gaming channel on youtube. The name came when Magnus Boll Jensen wanted a name about what he was interested in doing in his spare time. Then suddently the name came as a "revelation" and he created the youtube channel. After sometime he realised that the youtube thing wasn't him. He wanted a company and then he thought about the name GUPA Media as a name for hes company. Magnus Boll Jensen wasn't sure about the name and changed it to GUPA Software. He asked some people about the name and they thought it was a good name. Then he chose it as company name.

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Created 21st of November 2017