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You play as a small capsule in a 3D world. Enemy guns will spawn over your player. The goal is to shoot down as many enemy guns as possible and survive for as long time as possible. You will earn coins you can use to upgrade and buy weapons and player. You can costumize you weapons colours as you like.

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What is Dodge the Bullets?
The player is a small capsule with a small object that acts like a gun. You run around in a 3D world but you can only play in 2D. The world made out of grass and dirt with trees on it to give the illusion of a small forest. Over you will enemy guns spawn and they will shoot at you (therefore Dodge the Bullets). You can shoot the enemy guns with your gun. There will spawn ammo boxes and medic kits that you can pick up. In the top left corner, is a timer counting the time you survive. In the bottom right corner, are there a health bar and a text field that shows how many bullets and lives you have left.
In the main menu you have the possibility to start the game, go to settings, go to high score menu and exit the game. If you press the start game button, you have the possibility to go to the difficulty selection menu or the store. In the difficulty selection menu you have the possibility to select beginner, easy, medium, hard and expert and the press “begin” to begin the game. In the store you can chose if you want to upgrade your player, upgrade/buy a gun or buy another landscape to play.
In the high score menu you can see your best-survived time, best score (your score will be multiplied with values depending on the severity), best score in total and most kills for the different severities. In the settings, you can change the volume for the music, the guns, explosions, pick up sounds etc. and few other settings (we will of course add more features in the future).
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